Our activities

Manufacturing of easy assembly jobs

  • Compilation of various types of components
  • Bonding, folding, manufacturing, sorting, etc.
  • Assembling of packaging, printing and laminating block pieces
  • Any kind of manual packaging and loading into containers
  • Sealing
  • Folding or disassembling tract
  • Assembling any kind of flyers and their distributing
  • Envelope stuffing and addressing
  • Bearing inserts with subsequent packing and packaging and any other small manual work according to the requirement of customers

Services for publishing journals and periodicals

  • Foliation of magazines and newspapers into a transparent film (or envelopes etc.)
  • Adding attachments, gift and subsequent film packaging etc.
  • Processing your database and printing mailing labels
  • Full service including distributing

Postal and Direct Mail advertising

  • Every month we distribute more than 500,000 items and we are able to offer services for unbeatable prices!!
  • Door to door postal services
  • We deliver a range of printed materials, including letters, parcels and books.
  • We guarantee full coverage of the Czech Republic, high speed, precision and independent control including subsequent report and an assessment of the use of the proven and updated address database.

PR Services

  • Custom Publicity Campaigns
  • Product Managing/Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Production/Promotion
  • Digital Marketing


  • Offset printing jobs
  • Digital printing
  • Invitations / Posters / Flyers
  • Promotional items and textiles printing
  • Car / Buses  graphics stickers
  • Promotional items
  • Banners
  • Web design
  • Advertising space rental


  • Company parties
  • Concerts
  • Celebrations
  • Fashion shows
  • Birthday party
  •  Balls
  •  Weddings


  • Stages
  • Lights
  • Sound system equipment
  • Rental of halls and spaces
  • Party tents and tents rental
  • Large-screen projections systems

Rental inventories

  • Tables / Chairs
  • Beer sets
  • Decoration
  • Chair covers /Tablecloths
  • Glasses/ China /Cutlery

Transport services

  • We provide comprehensive transportation services throughout the EU with a very professional approach and we focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Cargo insurance
  • Short delivery times throughout the EU